Transform your conservatory by replacing your old glass or polycarbonate roof, with a modern, thermally efficient solid tiled roof.

Tired of leaks, glare from sunlight or noise from rain, wind or wildlife? Switch to a solid tiled roof and say goodbye to all those issues!

Our solid roof system is incredibly energy efficient and far more thermally efficient than an old polycarbonate roof – reaching a u-value of 0.18W/m2k.

With a solid roof replacement, you can say goodbye to being too hot in summer and too cold in winter. A lightweight tiled roof maintains its temperature all year round transforming your conservatory into a fully utilisable space that can be used 365-days a year!

Wide Range of Colours and Styles to Choose From

Bramble Brown
Rustic Brown
Rustic Red
Smoked Oak
Titanium Grey
Rustic Terracotta
Slate Grey

Completely Bespoke

Your conservatory roof replacement is designed completely bespoke to you and can be matched to any existing frames and doors if needed.

No matter the configuration our solid roof replacements will give your existing conservatory the makeover it needs. Creating a completely bespoke space that can be used all year round!

With a range of glazing and finishing options, you can truly transform your existing conservatory. Contact us today on 01534 744942 to discuss your options.

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